Most Recent Achievement

My talk at NYC.rb (largest Ruby meetup in NYC):

About Me

I am a Software Engineer with a passion for learning and solving big problems, such as building an efficient and scalable Background Job Processor from scratch. I consider myself tool-agnostic but lately I have mainly been working with Ruby and JavaScript. On my spare time I invest into my hobbies, which include: playing the piano, going by the ocean and ride on waves (whether it’s by surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing), and, fostering kittens from the ACC (Animal Care Center) until they’re of age of being adopted!

I am a co-creator of Workerholic, an efficient and scalable Background Job Processor written in Ruby ➡ Check it out!

Technical Interests

I am fascinated by the Software Engineering field and its wide variety of problems that need to be solved. From adding a checkbox to a web page using HTML and CSS to scaling an app from 100 to 100 millions users, the problems and solutions seem endless. I have a personal preference for writing server-side code but I am as efficient on the front-end, which would classify me as a Backend/Fullstack/Software Engineer. New concepts and topics don’t scare me, on the contrary, when I encounter them I love to dig deep and acquire a strong understanding.

My goal as a Software Engineer is to solve big problems which impact a large number of users, whether the user is a person, a business or a developer. This is why I built Workerholic. By exposing how to build an efficient and scalable Background Job processor from scratch I hope to help other developers be more productive and come up with better solutions when it comes to designing their background jobs system. This is also why I recently gave a talk at the largest Ruby Meetup in NYC about this project.

Most Recent Project: Workerholic

workerholic Workerholic is an efficient and scalable Background Job Processor I built from scratch, with my two teammates. The story behind Workerholic is about of how three Software Engineers decided to shed some light on Background Job Processors. We started by developing a deeper understanding about the use for a Background Job Processor (BJP), then we identified the most popular ones in the Ruby-ecosystem and, finally, we built one from scratch.